Ahimsa culture festivals

Ahimsa Culture Festivals is the co-creating of a more holistic culture on earth through partying into clarity.It is the platform for
Reggae .Hip Hop .Trap .World Music .Spoken Word artists to express their community and healing work beyond just performing.

Ahimsa Festivals is a platform for some of the best yoga teachers, healers, eco driven businesses, rappers, reggae artists , musicians & activists.

In the world to come together and collaborate on a new wave of partying through healings and music for our culture


What does ahimsa mean ?

Some say if you master Ahimsa there is no further spiritual work to be done.

Ahimsa means non-harmfulness (harmlessness), to not wish harm to any living creature — not even to any lifeless object.

This doesn’t mean to not harm or kill, which can sometimes be inevitable, such as when one eats meat or even plants, or accidentally steps on bugs. Ahimsa is about the intent, rather than the action itself. It is an attitude of universal benevolence.(1)

Ahimsa is the first of the Yamas {things one should do}. Patanjali says that once ahimsa is mastered, even wild animals and ferocious criminals will become tame and harmless in our presence.

Ahimsa, rightly understood, is the ultimate weapon; it turns one’s enemy into a friend, thereby banishing the possibility of further conflict. In the practice of yoga, it is important to understand that the same life flows in the veins of all creatures.

What Patanjali referred to, essentially, was the attitude of the mind, rather than the literal acts of the body. It is one’s attitude that can either lead him toward liberation, or hold him in greater bondage. An attitude of harmlessness (and its corollary, a feeling of universal benevolence) is what is meant by ahimsa. It is not possible in any case kill anyone: The soul is immortal. What is possible, however, by wishing harm to another living being, is develop a consciousness of death, which causes harm to the perpetrator.

The principle of ahimsa must be understood in subtle ways, not only in gross. To harm anyone in the slightest way, even by disrespect, will harm the person doing the action as well as the one receiving it. The perfect practice of ahimsa, then, is very rare. For though not many people would actually kill their fellows, it is common to find people slashing at one another with angry words, or with contemptuous glances

What is Yoga ?

Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify any form of connection. Yoga is both a state of connection and a body of techniques that allow us to connect to anything.

Conscious connection to something allows us to feel and experience that thing, person, or experience. The experience of connection is a state of yoga, a joyful and blissful, fulfilling experience.

Awareness is the secret of yoga.


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SATURDAY 6th Oct 2018 10am-1am



Yoga Room

Reggae /Dance Hall Room

Healings Room

World Music

Spoken Word

Hip Hop Room

Organic Liquor

Vegan Food  Stalls

Trance Room




“Ahimsa was unlike anything I’ve ever attended or experienced before! It was like the perfect event for me with all the things I’m most passionate about; music, hip hop, consciousness, spiritual practise, breath and community. It felt like coming home to my people and celebrating together in an uplifting way, being fully present with each other while still getting turnt!! ”

–  Alphamamma


“Ahimsa Festival was the first time I experienced Health and Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Hip Hop and so much more under one Roof! These are the type of vibrations that definitely bring healing to the world! I vote Ahimsa WORLD WIDE! Definitely a very powerful experience for me and I look forward to more VIBES ! ”

– Jon Robinson (science of life )


@whoisjr (Instagram + Twitter)

Beatvizion Music / Water the Plants

Jon Robinson

“When we first started talking about Ahimsa festival it was like a dream come true for me, to be able to merge all these amazing facets of anticonformism, yoga, Eastern spirituality, holistic health and activist hip-hop counterculture and redefine what a festival is really meant to be… Being blessed enough to be a creative part of Ahimsa and Newkind Festival with so many legendary artists, activists, yogis and revolutionaries I have always looked up to was beyond description truly… This is without a doubt one of the greatest, most sustainable, aware and uplifting festivals on this planet…”

Kalki of www.Revolt-Motion.com, Sadhu Militia, Ahimsa Hip-Hop, Mutant Akademy, Empty Handed Warriors, Plague Monks, Warrior Type Wizards, Atlantis Army & 11 Hooks Crew


“The Spiritual mission of Ahimsa festival is basically the exact same mission I have in my life. I see life as a Spiritual Path, and my music is a part of my Spiritual Path. I use music / chanting/rhyming / mantras / affirmations  as a part of my daily Spiritual practices. Any  music I give  to the world, I try to do so  only with the intent of something positive, Spiritual and Healing and in alignment with the ancient tradition of Spiritual elevation through music. Music is sound energy. And I believe all energy is essentially manifested from the original One   Divine Energy. So that means that music of a certain kind of vibration and good intent has Spiritual Divine energy in it. I am searching for that in my music. Ahimsa festival is bringing people together in the  Spirit of Love, Healing, Yoga and the Spiritual Quest. I need Healing too so I cannot wait to go to the Ahimsa gathering. And I am very thankful for the chance to present my music and message  at this amazing event.”

– Crazy Monk Mysic Disciple

Crazy monk mystic disciple Steve Olsen

“Ahimsa fest is unlike any event I’ve attended. It weaves together highly valuable yoga, healing and self improvement practices with exceptional music primarily rooted in the hip hop tradition. The sadhus and sages of various regions quite often would communicate their most profound messages in rhyme and rap form. The Bhagavad Gita can be read as a rap, along with many other scriptures that have syllables that end on a rhyme. And of course the drum beat has been here since the formation of the Heart.  High quality People who embody this spontaneous spirit of the siddhas, smiling from their soul and celebrating life force gather together to share in this festivity. To be in the presence of each other’s high vibrations while utilizing the various tools being offered during classes gives us a real chance to experience ourselves in a field of Buddhas, Shivas and Shaktis. To party, dance and stay Lit together in spirit is transcendent fun. Ahimsa seems to balance soft and gentle with hardcore and sharp. Every artist or presenter I experienced last Ahimsa was excellent and authentic. I am thrilled To be able to offer my gifts here again and allow my self to be gifted by the event and experience.”

– Illuminati Congo – Jahn Hooks

Illuminati Congo - Jahn Hooks

As a classic boombap beatmaker for the past 30 years & a devotee of Paramahansa Yoganada for over 16 years It’s been a personal mission to bridge the worlds of yoga & hiphop.. & now 12 albums deep pushing this unifying & uplifting sound, finally the vision is starting to get realized in the world.. in 2017 I caught wind of a beautiful community of like minded souls down in Melbourne Australia doing the same thing & had the great honor invite to go there & play beats for 3 intentional offerings @ Ahimsa 2 -one of which was for a yoga & mantra workshop -this was such a huge dream come true for me personally mostly because I instantly became a fan of everyone there because the beautiful energy & high level of unique talent -when musicians & artists of all kinds know we have a huge responsibility to uplift humanity with our authentic life giving channels, the entire world is healed & liberated -this is the vision & the entire experience elevated a new level of vibration in me & in the world & this is only the beginning! -that’s ignite this flame in the hearts of all mankind -we’ve been activated!!

Anahata Beatspeaker